Hello, I'm Richard. I'm a UX/UI Designer with a passion for creating conversion-boosting, beautiful digital experiences.

With 7 years in the design industry, I’ve refined a killer combination of creativity and conversion, transforming user needs into designs that just make sense.

I have led large-scale projects with household names like NEOM Wellbeing, Clarendon Fine Art, Castore and Red Bull Racing. Additionally, I have collaborated on smaller projects with emerging brands such as Sarah Layton, grüum, and Monday Muse across various mediums. This diverse experience has broadened my knowledge across multiple ecommerce industries. My strong skill set and adaptability ensure that each brand’s voice is authentically represented and resonates with their target audience.

My passion for UX/UI design doesn’t stop at the office door. I’m a certified Figma expert, and since September 2022, I’ve proudly been the official Community Advocate for Figma Edinburgh, offering support, portfolio crits, and hosting training sessions for my fellow creatives in Edinburgh.

Booking Management Interface Design for Travel Agency

As an avid cruiser, I’ve often been frustrated with the cumbersome and outdated booking management systems used by travel agents. These interfaces are typically unintuitive, lack sophistication, and often omit crucial information.

Driven by these frustrations, I set out to design a comprehensive travel booking management app that seamlessly adapts to the needs of cruise agents.

The app prioritises a user-friendly experience, emphasising rewards, self-sufficient management, and streamlined communication with agents.

Entire brand refresh for Shopify Plus agency, Velstar.

Sculpted by Aimee

UX/UI Design for Sculpted by Aimee, Ireland’s leading beauty brand.

Clarendon Fine Art

UX/UI Design for Clarendon Fine Art, an esteemed member of the World’s Leading Gallery group.

Kelly Loves

UX/UI Design and Email Marketing for Kelly Loves, an Asian food and snack retailer.


WordPress Development for Curiousa, a contemporary lighting manufacturer.


Art Direction & Stop Motion for wellbeing brand, Wellbel.

Sarah Layton

UX/UI Design for award-winning jewellery boutique, Sarah Layton.

Monday Muse

Art Direction for Monday Muse’s 2022/2023 product launches.

Noa & Nani

A fresh new User Experience for children’s furniture brand, Noa & Nani.

Big Picture Foods

Full Design Service for Big Picture Foods.

Bad Brownie

UX/UI Design and Brand Development for gourmet brownie company, Bad Brownie.


UX/UI Design & Brand Elevation for BullyBillows, leaders in the pet-accessory industry.


UI Design for refurbished home appliances brand, Renew2U.

Sarah Layton

Art Direction for Sarah Layton, an award-winning jewellery boutique.


Ecommerce revamp for British skincare brand, Grüum.


Migration to WordPress and full design for award-winning agency, Amerge.


UI Design for Happence, a transformative wellbeing programme.


Redesigning SikSilk’s Shopify store from the ground up.

Superior Group

UI Design and WordPress Development for luxury living space developer, Superior Group.