Truststream, a leading provider of cyber security professional services to enterprises across the UK, plays a vital role in safeguarding organisations from digital threats.

In 2024, Truststream merged with SysGroup and have redirected their website.

Design Direction:

Richard David


Richard David


Justin Rodgers

Personal Contributions:

Competitor Analysis
Concept Ideation
Site Mapping
Stakeholder Interviews
UI Design
User Research
UX Auditing Wordpress Development

As part of an extensive rebranding initiative done by Justin Rodgers, I undertook the task of revamping and restructuring their website, leveraging the best UX practices, implementing a streamlined UI design, and utilising WordPress development.

Emphasising the core values of security, trust, and authenticity, the website’s redesign aimed to instill confidence in Truststream’s clientele. Through meticulous attention to detail, Justin and I strategically incorporated visual elements that evoked a sense of security and trust, ensuring that visitors immediately recognised the brand as a reliable and reputable authority in the cyber security landscape.

To further enhance the website’s authenticity, we implemented a streamlined UI design that exuded professionalism and sophistication. The colour palette, typography, and graphical elements were carefully selected to create a cohesive visual language that reflected the seriousness and expertise associated with cyber security. By integrating elements of modern design trends and intuitive functionality, we ensured that the website not only appeared trustworthy but also delivered a seamless user experience.

Utilising the power and flexibility of WordPress development, we crafted a website that was not only visually compelling but also easy to manage and update. Truststream can now confidently maintain an up-to-date online presence, providing their clients with the latest information and demonstrating their ongoing commitment to the highest standards of cyber security.