In 2023, the Velstar Design team proposed a comprehensive overhaul of our brand identity, moving away from a monochromatic identity to infuse more playfulness into our image.

Design Direction:

Lee Turner


Josh Griggs

Motion Designer:

James Millington

Personal Contributions:

Art Direction
Brand Development
Creative Direction
Email Marketing
Marketing Collateral
Social Design
UX/UI Design

Our goal was to have our brand reflect not only our skill set and produced work but also the brands we aspired to collaborate with.

Inspired by 1970s advertising campaigns, we blended this vintage vibe with a contemporary colour palette. We aimed to create a block-like shape library representing each service, coming together to form ‘the building blocks of ecommerce.’

The initial concept, crafted by Lee Turner, received approval from the Senior Leadership Team.

Subsequently, I spearheaded the expansion of the concept by designing the entire website, refining the visual identity, and creating brand-centric decks and documents.

My roles and responsibilities included:

  • Further developing the visual identity to incorporate animations.
  • Leading presentations to the Senior Leadership Team, and actioning feedback.
  • Producing a complete prototype of the Velstar website.
  • Redefining our marketing collateral, including Pitch Decks, RFP documents, email signatures, and social content.
  • Storyboarding and Art Direction for our 2024 Showreel, and collaborating with a Motion Designer to achieve this. 
  • Collaborating with developers to ensure our vision came to life.
  • Conducting a comprehensive QA of the entire built website.