Amerge are an award-winning, full-service global Amazon advertising agency, who came to me in need of migration and rebuild to ensure their product offering matched their visual identity.

Collaborating with their in-house graphic designer and in-house marketing manager, we rebuilt their website from the ground up whilst migrating their customer dashboard app to Wordpress.

Design Direction:

Richard David


Richard David


Jan Groman

Personal Contributions:

Brand Development
Competitor Analysis
Concept Ideation
Site Mapping
Stakeholder Interviews
UI Design
User Research
UX Auditing
Ongoing Development Retainer
Wordpress App Support
Wordpress Development
Website Migration

I lead the project with an UX audit of their previous site highlighting customer pain points, frictions, and areas for concern. This then lead to a discovery session with the founders of Amerge where we analysed this data and began idea generation.

Following on from this I began creating lowfidelty and high-fidelity prototypes of the user journey. Once feedback had been actioned and the designs were signed off, the marketing manager and I began to build the website in WordPress.

The website is currently managed by the internal team at Amerge, and may look different than the original design.