Bad Brownie

Bad Brownie is a small-scale artisanal bakery that specialises in crafting indulgent and unconventional brownies.

Design Direction:

Richard David



Personal Contributions:

Brand Development
Competitor Analysis
Concept Ideation
Site Mapping
Stakeholder Interviews
UI Design
User Research
UX Auditing

As part of a wider ecommerce strategy plan, Bad Brownie came to Velstar looking to partner with an agency who could bring their new ideas to live.

Bad Brownie had already begun work on a new brand identity, but during the UI stage of this project, it became apparent that their new identity lacked a clear direction, hierarchy and didn’t meet accessibility guidelines. To overcome this challenge, I collaborated closely with their branding team to redevelop their proposed identity, ensuring it followed best practices and felt consistent with their core messaging.

The outcome for both the branding and new website resulted in an ultra-sugary, punk-esque identity that exuded an unapologetic “more-is-more” attitude.