Grüum were referred to Velstar from another client, and came hoping for a full revamp of their online presence – which would include a migration from Wordpress’ WooCommere to Shopify Plus.

I lead the design side of the project, which began with a discovery session with the founders to analyse user behaviours, inspiration, and to run through some UX recommendation.

Design Direction:

Richard David



Personal Contributions:

Competitor Analysis
Stakeholder Interviews
UI Design
UX Auditing

It’s worth noting that half way through the project, Grüum decided not to migrate their site to WordPress, and Velstar would no longer be building it. However, they were so pleased with the UX/UI side of the project, they wanted to continue that partnership, and it’s worth noting that although I designed the entirety of their new website, I was not involved in the build, nor the QA.