Kelly Loves

Kelly Loves provides customers with authentic, tasty Japanese and Korean food.

They came to Velstar looking to revamp their ecommerce presence, and I was required to lead the entire design side of this project which covered UX/UI Design and Email Marketing.

Design Direction:

Richard David



Personal Contributions:

Competitor Analysis
Concept Ideation
Email Marketing Design
Marketing Collateral
UI Design
UX Auditing

The ecommerce team at Kelly Loves wanted a website that showed a through-line from their packaging and retail experience, whilst also educating potential new customers.

The project kicked off with a thorough analysis of the existing website to identity pain points that were hindering the conversion rate.

Using this information, I developed a new user flow that streamlined the customer journey and addressed these pain points, whilst optimising the website’s visual design.

The project was split into two phrases:

  • Phase 01 was an MVP site featuring a Homepage, Product Listing Page, Product Detail Page, and Cart redesign.
  • Phase 02 focused on new avenues of conversion such as: Subscription services, build-your-own-box, and a product finder quiz.